Protecting and Enhancing Our Green Spaces

The people of Santa Cruz have chosen in past elections and by legislative action to set aside and protect sensitive habitat and community green spaces. Enormous community activism and energy went into saving Lighthouse Field from hotel development; funding the purchase of the Pogonip and the Moore Creek Uplands; as well as preserving Wilder Ranch for our children and grandchildren. I am grateful to those who came before us and who fought these past battles over land-use and achieved ample preservation. I salute you. Now, it is the duty of the current city council to insure that these spaces are well-maintained and accessible to the public for hiking, strolling, picnicking, and just plain hanging out. They are awesome places to recreate with kids, meditate, meet friends, or just simply walk and lose yourself in thought. There are other spaces too such as the Jessie Street Marsh and the Beach Flats Community Garden that require us to take steps to make sure these spaces are preserved as well. I urge residents to visit these web sites and to get involved in your community.


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