Majority Report – March 8, 2018

Over 150 came out, most to voice concern and dissent, with UCSC and the UC Regents notion of wanting to expand enrollment by 50% at UC Santa Cruz campus. Few expressed any outright support for the growth, and most attendees ranged from dissatisfied to extremely upset at the projected growth numbers. The city council is unified, 19,500 is enough. We support quality education and improving quality of life for all Santa Cruzans, therefore we should have no more growth at UCSC, that is the goal. Let’s maintain the 2005 Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) agreements, which are really a compromise as many in Santa Cruz would like to reduce the current number of students who compete for housing, transportation, and parking spots all over town. We love UC, but it’s time for UC to spread the love and open 2 or 3 more campuses to support this state’s population of college-age students. As Bernie Sanders might say to Chancellor George Blumenthal, “Enough is enough!”

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