10.791 rent control petition signatures turned in this morning!


Movement for Housing Justice turned in 10.791 today at 10am at the Santa Cruz city hall today. The clerk was waiting. In fact, she closed the main offices and employed a all hands on deck approach as the counting will begin immediately.

Regardless of an Up or Down vote in November…that many signatures represents a Herculean effort on the part a grassroots group made up of hundreds of signature gatherers. It also reflects the fact that people are not happy with “too damn high rents” in this town.

The city clerk and the county clerk have 30 days to count the valid signatures to get the rent control initiative on the November ballot. Around 5,800 are needed. If enough signatures are valid it is expected that the city council will validate the initiative at its June 26th city council meeting and thus place the measure on the ballot.


Chris (see pictures below)

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