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Dear Rent Control Supporters:

Opponents of the rent control measure missed the legally-mandated deadline to turn in their argument for the ballot. Now, they are asking the City Council to consider a proposal to extend the filing deadline for the initial ballot argument, a special giveaway that would effectively give them two rebuttals instead of one and that could violate election law.

We need your support before the City Council to make sure that the election process remains fair and transparent.

As you know, our campaign depends on dedicated volunteers like you. Together, we have cleared every obstacle in our way and met every deadline. When we were faced with the task of collecting 5,700 signatures in half the usual time allotted to a ballot measure, we collected 10,791! When the City Council gave both sides a July 10 deadline to submit a ballot argument, you better believe we made sure we got our argument to the city clerk on time.

In contrast, our opponents are bankrolled by the powerful Sacramento-based California Apartment Association. But even with thousands to spend on fancy consultants, they ignored the legally-mandated deadline to submit their ballot argument. Instead, in violation of election rules, opponents were shown our ballot argument and then allowed to submit their rebuttal. Since they have already seen our ballot argument, this effectively gives them two rebuttals instead of one, leaving us less able to answer their misleading claims.

We’re asking you to call or email the city council citycouncil ahead of the August 7 special meeting. Please be polite but firm when expressing your opposition to this proposal which would change the statement filing deadline after the fact. Some points you might want to make to the council in your email:

(831) 420-5020 or

  • Rent control supporters are ready and willing to make our case and refute our opponents’ arguments. But changing election rules for rent control opponents’ benefit is blatantly undemocratic.
  • We’ve worked our butts off to meet every campaign deadline. Would the council be as willing to bend the rules if the shoe were on the other foot?
  • If the city council changes our election deadlines for rent control opponents, they can write their argument having already read our now-public ballot argument. This gives them two rebuttals, while giving proponents only one.
  • Before you vote, consider how it will look when campaign finance reports come out, and it becomes apparent that the special interests behind this proposal contributed to your reelection campaign. Will the voters believe that you made an impartial decision?
  • We don’t have to worry that the anti-tenant lobby will have no chance to get its message out. The California Apartment Association has thousands to spend on mailing every household in Santa Cruz several times over. Don’t let this Sacramento-based lobby group buy their way onto our ballots, too.
  • Finally, don’t pass on the heat you are feeling from the realtor lobby onto a city worker. The city council signed off on the July 10 deadline for ballot arguments, and the buck stops with you!

The real fight is just beginning!

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