Homelessness, petty crime and drug use

I empathize with residents who are dealing with some of the chaotic activity occurring in our community. I urge you to keep calling the police when you need help. Chief Andy Mills just finished the fifth of five community meetings. He says he will be releasing “the plan” soon after digesting resident comments that he gathered.

Also, try and discuss the difficult issues of homelessness and mental health with your neighbors…ask them what they might do…I have two daughters and I live downtown. I worry every day about their safety. My car has been robbed 3 times in the past year. Me and my neighbors are also dealing with a pretty large group of homeless as most neighborhoods in our city also experience. We have a neighborhood email list to stay in touch, I encourage residents to start on if they do not already have one, good way to get to put names with faces around your ‘hood too.

I am distraught some days about how drugs are destroying people’s lives and bleed into the larger community. I am advocating for building a 24/7 shelter; adding a day center where those experiencing homelessness can get help; placing social workers alongside police officers in every patrol car; and getting all police trained in crisis intervention training (CIT). I also want to fully fund the drug, alcohol, and mental health programs that are now operating, like MHCAN, but severely understaffed. In addition, I support placing a housing bond on the ballot in 2018 with funding for transitional housing as being a significant piece of the bond pie.