Beach Flats Community Garden

The tiny, but flourishing Beach Flats Community Garden sits in the middle of a largely working class section of town was threatened with closure in 2015, but the greater Santa Cruz community came together to support residents and made a collective voice known in supporting an important community asset. Sixty percent of the garden was saved for the local community garden. The continued existence of the garden remains precarious though. Residents seek to preserve the entirety of this community asset and we must continue to demand the WHOLE garden be preserved.

A petition, drafted by garden supporters with over 700 signatures, states: “We believe that the Beach Flats Community Garden is a vital community resource. Loss, fragmentation or relocation of the garden would irreparably damage this thriving and unique space of food production and community engagement. We ask the City of Santa Cruz and the Seaside Co. to work together with members of the community to find a long-term solution for keeping the entirety of the garden open as a public space.”

The bottom line is the Beach Flats Community Garden does not have to close. If you agree, please sign the petition at: You can lend your voice as well. Let your neighbors know about this effort, call the City Council at 420-5020, and the Seaside Co. at 423-5590 because, “el pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido.” The people united will never be defeated.

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