Meet Chris


Chris Krohn ran for the Santa Cruz City council on issues. The city had recently acquired a Bearcat Tank; failed to purchase a 25-year old community garden and seemed willing to allow it to actually even go away; an area for multifamily housing was rezoned for a hotel; and no one in city government seemed to be standing up to the University of California as large numbers of students were accepted, but with no place to live on campus. Enough is enough.

2016 was truly a watershed moment in Santa Cruz as the issues of affordable housing, investment in homeless services, and the relevance of the actual services being provided by local government were all up for debate. Councilmember Krohn was part of a slate of candidates that included Steve Schnaar, Drew Glover, and Sandy Brown. They were collectively known as the Brand New Council Brown and Krohn prevailed and were elected to the city council, but they were closely followed in the final tally by Glover and Schnaar. These results portrayed that the historic voice of progressive politics that the Brand New Council put forward in the election is alive and well. Hope for a progressive council majority now runs deep as we look towards the November 2018 city council election.

Chris Krohn graduated with honors in Latin American Studies and Community Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 1987. He spent three years teaching and practicing journalism in a variety of jobs, which took him to Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Germany. In 1992, he completed the Teaching Credential program at UCSC and received high school social sciences and K-6 bilingual credentials. In 1995, his first daughter was born and he became a not so stay-at-home dad taking long runs pushing the stroller and making daily trips to the city landfill at Dimeo Lane. It was at the landfill where community needs and politics really took hold in Krohn. While seeking to turn the landfill into a reuse facility, Krohn ended up running and winning a city council seat in 1998. He was Mayor of Santa Cruz in 2002.

Chris lives with his life-partner, Rachel O’Malley near downtown. They have two daughters, Sophia and Isabel. They also have a dog–Jester, two cats–Leopold and Sox, and a bearded dragon lizard named, NormanToo. Rachel is chair of the Environmental Studies program at San Jose State University and Chris continues to co-coordinate the Environmental Studies Internship program at UCSC while juggling community issues at city hall.

Currently, Krohn’s passion and energy is focused on affordable housing, assisting in finding housing for the homeless, houseless, and services for the mentally ill. He is also working on reforming city government so that more Santa Cruzans can have opportunities to make their voices heard and to participate in the wheels of government, and not be steamrolled by those same wheels. He looks forward to hearing from you. Please contact him if you would like to set up a meeting in your neighborhood, or at city hall.